Getbuildtest on Solaris

To build Slicer on Solaris, the best practice is to install the OS with Entire Distribution + OEM Support. This way all needed libraries and tools will be there. Solaris 10, Solaris eXpress Community Edition (SXCE), and Solaris eXpress Developer Edition (SXDE) 1/08 are all tested.

The needed packages are:
SXCE(& SXDE - obsoloted):
SUNWgcc SUNWgmake SUNWcvs SUNWsvn SUNWTcl SUNWxwplt SUNWxorg-mesa SUNWxorg SUNWlexpt SUNWfreetype2

Solaris 10:
SUNWgcc SUNWgmake SFWcvs(from the Companion CD) SUNWTcl SUNWxwplt SUNWxorg-mesa SUNWxorg SUNWlexpt SUNWfreetype2
You'll need an svn client as well, please find detailed recommendations on how to obtain it on the link above, "Package requirements".
To successfully build Slicer3 64 bits on Solaris 10, you'll need S10 U6, or later, or patch 138353 from, as we need a newer fontconfig.h.

In case there are missing packages, yout can install them from the install CD/DVD. Put it in the drive, or mount the iso via lofi, and browse to the Solaris_10/Product (or Solaris_11/Product in case of SXCE/SXDE) directory, and
pkgadd -d . SUNWgcc SUNWgmake SUNWcvs SUNWsvn SUNWTcl SUNWxwplt SUNWxorg-mesa SUNWxorg
Make sure to put /usr/sfw/bin in your path, so the build tools find gcc/g++. Compilation with Sun's compilers (cc/CC) is not yet fully supported, but work is on the way.
If you need, you can install newer versions of the above tools either from blastwave, or from sunfreeware. In both cases check your paths! Put /opt/csw/bin in case of blastwave, and /usr/local/bin in case of sunfreeware in your profile, and replace "/usr/sfw/bin/g++" in Slicer3/slicer_variables.tcl with the updated paths.
You can check your 3D acceleration by running: /usr/X11/demo/glxgears
Best results can be achieved with nVidia cards, as there do not exist drivers with 3D acceleration for Ati cards on Solaris. Intel's chipsets should be fine too.
All the above is for Solaris10/SXCE/SXDE. Opensolaris 2008.5 and .11 are both untested, but provided they contain all the developer tools, and the paths are set up correctly, Slicer should compile fine on it too.